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The good stuff: Kola Nut, Ginseng, Guarana, Ginkgo Biloba, Caffeine, Betel Nut, Kava, Kava, Bitter Orange, Sida Cordifolia, Yohimbine, Gota Kola

Yet another tasty beverage from XTZ….I must say, over all they are quite a quality company.  Most everything we try we really like…and the fact that do more than just energy drinks is pretty slick….that aside, I have to say that Berry Bomb is a pretty damn good drink.  Take just about every berry you can think of, squeeze out the juice, add some seltzer water and there you go.  Lots of flavor, but nothing offensive…very natural, very sweet.  According to the label, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry marionberry (that’s a new one), huckleberry, and cranberry are the driving forces behind the flavor of Berry Blast.  Oddly enough, once you mix them all together you can’t really taste any of them…you get kind of a neutral flavor…you sure as hell know it’s berry, but I’ll be dammed if you could figure out which one.  Every time you stop to think about which berry you taste, you mind shifts to another one…there’s just a crapload of flavor in each bottle of this stuff.  Something I found quite interesting about this stuff is that bevnet gave it the lowest score out of the X-Drinx series and stated that it tasted like every other energy drink out there….not sure what the hell they were smoking the day they sampled this stuff.  I know Red Bull is supposed to have a berry-like flavor, but this is the real deal…no artificially made taste here.  Which brings up another key point about Berry Blast, the amount of natural stuff that goes in to it….just look up top.  Pretty much everything in the bottle is naturalEnergy sugar free…how’s that for a change from your usual drink?  Really, for me the only thing that could be improved upon is the power of the stuff….I really wish XTZ made an energy drink with the strength of say Vamp, or even the Shock products…you know, one no-holds-barred knock you on your ass nuclear powered drink for when you really need a blast of energy.  As things sit though, Berry Blast is dead even with the other X-Drinx…not the strongest, not the weakest, and that dosage of energy has it’s time and purpose.  Over all I really don’t have any complaints.  I like Berry Blast and I can think of about a dozen ways you could use it to make a pretty nifty cocktail….just need to get my hands on a few more bottles for “alternative” testing purposes.

My first impression was that Rox was just going to be another Red Bull clone….unfortunately,  I was correct with that assumption.  Rox tastes a whole lot like Red Bull, but it does have some subtle differences that I feel like I need to make note of.  First of all, it’s a bit smoother….there is something that makes it a bit less artificial tasting than Red Bull, and the after taste is much more subdued.  Past those points, it’s pretty much the same thing…not really any stronger, not really any weaker.  I do think however, that I prefer it over Red Bull just as a nice change.  This is probably one of those drinks that would greatly benefit from smart pricing.  If it was maybe $.25-.50 less than the other drinks out there I think that many folks would be quite happy grabbing a can for the first time.  As it sits there is really nothing to make it stand out from the crowd….

I know this review is short….sorry about that.  Here’s a couple of dancing bananas to pass the time

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