With blackjack the game of odds and probability that it is, a card counting strategy coupled with a fairly conservative betting strategy is sure to make you some money in the long run. However, the casinos – where you presumably play blackjack most of the time – don’t want that to happen. Their primary source of income is the player that, at the end of the day, finishes up his or her bankroll with foolish decisions, and they constantly hope that you’re that kind of person.

The Card Counting Risk

Most casinos do recognize card counters after a time, and the former usually asks the latter to leave. If this happens to you multiple times, you could even find yourself facing jail and a fine. But the casinos are completely within their rights because they’re private establishments, and they do have to make their money; you’ll just have to be more discreet about making yours.

Telltale Signs

Dealers and other casino employees are trained to spot card counters, and then ask them to leave at the earliest possible time. This makes it difficult for you if you just want to make a small profit while practicing your new card counting strategy. It would be best if you learned just what behaviors and signs the dealers were told to look for, and then hide them as much as you can.

Your overall demeanor could be giving you away. If you’re too focused on the cards and your eyes noticeably dart to another player every time a card is dealt, you’re casting suspicion on yourself. If you mutter and draw in the air while making your card counting calculations, you might as well have placed a neon sign on yourself. Remember, the key word in such situations is discretion. Just steal glances, or practice your calculations at home so that you can do them outside quickly and silently.

Your betting behavior is another very large factor that the dealer could notice. If you strictly adhere to the rules of card counting and follow what your card counting strategy says for every turn and circumstance in your game, the dealer is bound to notice. The best way to camouflage this is to learn how a progression gambler would play and bet, and then throw the dealer off your tracks by imitating that for a certain time. Casinos don’t like throwing out progression betters because they’re such a huge source of income. Hiding yourself by acting like one is sure to make the dealer think twice about making you leave your table.

Just remember that, no matter how effective your Togel counting system, you have to be discreet while using it to win. Imitating an inexperienced player might work when it comes to hiding your true activities. Just remember to keep it moderation, else your winnings a

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