If you are the type of person that loves playing poker and loves watching movies then you certainly have to watch California Split. This movie is about a bunch of Toto HK players ending up in a tough spot in the city of Reno, Nevada. This movie is quite old but you are certainly going to love the classy way in which the director portrayed poker.

If you want to watch an action packed movie with poker in it then you should get your hands on a DVD copy of Casino Royale. Casino Royale is a James Bond movie that was filmed only recently. One of the best scenes in Casino Royale is the poker match of James Bond and his enemy. I will not tell you how the poker match went and I will not tell you who won but you are certainly going to experience a lot of poker drama when you watch it. Casino Royale is a perfect movie to watch if you want a lot of action and a lot of poker. If you are a James Bond fan then you are certainly going to love Casino Royale even more.

A nice poker movie to watch that has comedy and drama in it is Honeymoon in Vegas which stars Sarah Jessica Parker. Nothing is actually more hilarious than losing your fiancée in a poker match! You will get more of this hilarious stuff when you watch the actual film. Sometimes you just need to sit back and relax and enjoy a film like this, right?

One of the more recent movies out there is Lucky You starring Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore. This movie is about how one plays his or her cards in life. It is the kind of movie that keeps you thinking. If you like movies that make you wonder even after the show is done then you should certainly watch this movie. This movie is also a great date movie. If you simply want to take someone out and have a good time at the movies or even at the comfort of your own home then you can select this movie. It is great for a first date or even for your one hundredth date! There are so many layers to analyze in the movie.

I personally think that watching poker movies makes playing poker much more fun. You can add a certain personality when you play. You can pretend that you are like James Bond in Casino Royale. At the end of the day, watching movies will help your poker game. Who ever named the television set an idiot box is an idiot himself. That person never realized that television can actually educate a lot of people out there. Sometimes in poker, you may try to bluff and think that you are successful but in the end, the real bluff is on you. Those who do not realize that television is fun and educational are really missing out on a lot of things lately.

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