At the beginning of June, HoP started its epic quest to destroy bankroll building with tiny prop bets on the World Series of kodokmas 99, the greatest event in poker history. This is the result of that epic quest:


Fuel55 (+$11.95)

Main Event Attendance Over/Under ($15.55): My pick is OVER 6218. Success! The actual result was 6,844. +15.55

Pick 3 Total Most Cash Won ($8.25): Fuel chose Phil Hellmuth, Johnathon Little, and Sorel Mizzi. I chose Phil Ivey, Allen Cunningham, and Johnny Chan. Fuel had one final chance to catch up with Phil Hellmuth’s deep run in the Main Event, but Hellmuth’s ~$150k payday was just too little, too late, netting another win for the HoP. +8.25

Highest Main Event Finish (Best Single Finish) ($11.85)- Fuel chose Negreanu, Matusow and Kirk Morrison. I chose Cunningham again, Todd Brunson and John Juanda. Matusow outlasted all other players, netting Fuel this victory. -11.85

Ingoal (push)

Main Event Attendance Over/Under ($5)- I chose UNDER 7325. Another fine victory! (+5)

Most Bracelets Won Total ($10)- Ingoal chose Johnny Chan and Greg Raymer. I chose Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius. No one won any bracelets, making this an official push. (push)

Most Total Cash Won ($5): Ingoal chose Chris Ferguson and Daniel Negreanu. I chose Bill Chen and TJ Cloutier. Chen and Cloutier better have had good runs at the cash games, because neither did much of note at the WSOP. This one goes to Ingoal. (-5)

UWannaBet ($9, subject to change)

Main Event Attendance Over/Under ($10) – I chose OVER 6700. I just narrowly took this one, sweeping all of my Over/Under bets. (+10)

Pick 3 Final Table/Bracelet Competitions ($3 per final table, $10 per bracelet): UWanna had two more final tables than I, and even has one of his horses left in the WSOP ME, Brandon Cantu. Let’s hope that Cantu busts before the final table. (-6 minimum, possibly -9 or -16 depending on if Cantu final tables/wins the ME)

Lime Throwing Championship, Pauly v. Otis ($5): It looks like I have this one in the bag, depending on any updates from Pauly. His last update is as follows: “Lime Tossing Results…. Otis 150, Pauly 150. We played Inside the Limes… two limes each. I threw first and went way left. Otis nailed his toss to go up $150. On his second throw, he missed wide right. I had a chance to tie it. I totally tilted Otis when I skipped my lime into the $150 zone to even the score. Push! Overall I’m up $70 this summer. Looks like a winna to me. I suppose more could happen before we get to the final table, but I’m going out on a limb and calling it for now, subject to possible change. (+5)

Add the $20 I won in a HORSE last longer bet with Joe (aka Unimpressed), and it was a fairly decent WSOP for a guy who makes small prop bets and hasn’t stepped foot inside of the Rio ever. I stand to make about $40 total (with Joe’s bet) all for sitting on my ass.

All losers (I’m looking at you Fuel) can send the money to HighOnPoker at Full Tilt or HighOnPokr (no E) at PokerStars. I don’t think it needs to be said, but just in case, hold off on sending anything until everything is set, UWanna.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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