I almost forgot to mention my new เเทงหวยออนไลน์ training site. I started Donkit a few months ago, with Kjell. At first we we were going to only sell ebooks, but we quickly realized that was a retarded idea and moved to poker videos.

The biggest feature that separates Donkit from other videos sites is that you can buy the videos you’re interested in individually, rather then having to set up a reoccurring monthly subscription with a large base fee. Also we’re going to put up other material besides videos, like curtains famous SNG chart.

All the videos we put up are really good. It makes me realize how little I actually know when watching how players like Newt buggs and cero-z play while explaining what they’re doing.

Here’s an example from cero-z’s second video (4 tabling 6max 2/4nl – not up yet). He raises to $14 with A3o in the in the fifth position. The button calls, and then the small blind pops it up to $44. For me this would be an instant fold. Cero z decides that the small blind is squeeze betting, so he three bets the pot to $145. Both players fold right away.

Here’s another example from newt_buggs $225 turbo video nearing the bubble. It’s in quicktime format, so you may need to download the player (worth it).

I’m really excited about Donkit so far – especially the sweet logo. If you buy a video, let me know what you think. Or better yet, blog about it (everyone has a blog now, right?).

I fought the power

I fought the power in todays DADI tournament (a tournament for poker bloggers who love the hammer), but the power was to strong for me. I was able to ride my short stack all the way into 9th place, which was exciting, but only the top 5 get paid.

Here’s the hand I went out on: I’m the shortest stack with with 94s in the big blind. GCox25 (edit: apparently high on poker’s jordan was playing as gcox 😮 ) limped and i checked with intent on getting all my chips in with any pair or draw. The flop gave me middle pair, but GCox had the higher pair and I wasn’t able to donk a better hand. Hopefully he’ll avenge my loss by winning the tournament.

Bloggerpods 2 and the freeroll whores.

I’m really excited about the second bloggerpods tournament (March 4th – get in!). The competitive part of is starting to take over and I’m already strategizing how I’m going to win. I know that if it’s anything like the previous one, when a blogger plays a hand like they have aces, it’s almost guaranteed to be the hammer.

One thing I’m amazed at is how many freeroll whores there are! For every true blogger, there’s about 5 people trying to sneak into the tournament with a fake blog or excuses. I actually had one person send me an angry email saying it was my fault that he didn’t have a blog and demanded I send him the password 😛

Sometimes I have fun with the freeroll whores that don’t fill in a website and let them dig themselves into a hole. Here’s a good one:

“joe smith wrote: lets go!!!

Website: hey there

Username: (removed)”

“Joe, This tournament is for players who are active in the blogging

community. Do you have a blog with a history of regular updates?”

“I always blog and I love poker. My wife and I blog on her myspace…”

“Well, send me a link and I’ll let you know if it qualifies.”

“no thanks, didnt know it was going to be a hassle to join a freeroll!”

Thanks to everyone who showed there support and joined so far. There’s 25 bloggers registered right now, with a week to go. It’s shaping up to be an awesome tourney.