Snus Nicotine

Please read these instructions carefully.

If you have to cough when you inhale the first few puffs, this is normal, as the mucus in your bronchi loosens with the first few puffs. However, this coughing sensation disappears after a few puffs on the electronic cigarette.


The SLIM2012 consists of a battery and an atomizer (vaporizer), charger and the depots.

Unpack a fresh depot and remove the empty brown or black transport depot from the atomizer (evaporator).

Press the fresh depot VERY FIRMLY onto the atomizer (vaporizer) until it clicks so that the atomizer can pierce the depot.

Screw the atomizer into the battery. The SLIM 2012 is now ready for use.

The first 3 puffs should not be inhaled. To do this, just pull on and let the smoke slide out of your mouth without inhaling. It can happen that the e-cigarette makes a slight noise at the beginning, this is normal and disappears after 1-2 depots.

What’s the best way to smoke an e-cigarette?

It is best to draw and not inhale immediately. That means you pull on the e-cigarette, let the smoke slip out of your mouth and inhale the next puff. If the smoke is inhaled very deeply, usually no more smoke comes out of the lungs because this smoke (a type of water vapor) dissolves. If you want more smoke, we recommend the Turbo Ego-T or CE5 , as you can determine the amount of smoke yourself.

Smoke the SLIM 2012 in as vertical a position as possible.

The battery needs to be charged when the device is not generating steam.

The depot should only be changed or refilled when there is no more smoke or the amount of smoke is reduced.

If you wear the SLIM 2012 on your body, make sure that you carry it with the mouthpiece pointing downwards, if possible.

The SLIM 2012 battery works approx. 1-2 depots per charge. The battery can be charged approx. 130-150 times. If the battery starts to flash, it must be completely recharged. Normal charging time is about 1-2 hours. Do not use the charger in a damp environment.

Screw the battery into the USB charger and plug it into your USB port on the PC, or charge it with the supplied 220V charger.

The light on the battery stays on until the battery is charged. Do not screw in the battery too hard, just until the light on the battery lights up.

If you have the SLIM 2012Do not use it for a longer period of time (more than 2 days), remove the filled depot and replace it with the transport depot.

Get liquid in your mouth when pulling:

If you get liquid in your mouth when pulling, it is mostly because you pull too hard.

The liquid doesn’t taste very good but is absolutely harmless. Just rinse your mouth with a little water and the taste will go away.

Do not draw harder or more often than with a conventional cigarette.

IMPORTANT: Depot must always be firmly attached, there must be no space between the depot and the atomizer.

If you have any questions, please send us a short email to:

Filling the depots of the Slim and Snus Nicotine

Unscrew the red cap (child safety device ) of the 30ml or 50ml bottle and replace it with the other pointed cap. Remove the white cap, cut off the tip at the transparent closure about 1 mm.

For the 10ml bottle with gold cap, remove the gold cap and cut off the small ball with scissors. Now stick the supplied needle firmly onto the bottle. Bottle tip must be dry!

New 10ml bottles, just open the child lock.

Now press a paper clip or something similar (not too pointed) into the small hole at the end of the depot. A small, transparent interior depot jumps out of the main depot. The interior depot of the Slim 2012

Now fill up (only for new depots) with the needle on the open side by inserting the needle and gently pressing the bottle. Fill the inner depot until it is 90% full. If something overflows, please dry it with a handkerchief or something similar. Now press the small cap firmly back onto the inner depot.

This can sometimes be a bit difficult with fresh empty depots. First insert the flat side of the cap into the depot and then forcefully press the depot and the cap together between your thumb and forefinger until it clicks. Now put the inner depot back into the main depot with the side up and press it down a little with the transparent safety cap of the syringe needle.

Please make absolutely sure that you put the depot firmly on the atomizer. Now puff a few times and smoke should appear.

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