how to kill two spotted spider mites organically

Spiders are a type of insect from the family of mites, and they are dangerous in that they destroy all the production of plants. They are tiny in size; sometimes, they are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. There is a requirement for magnifying glass to see them. These creatures have eight legs and one mouth by which they eat and secrete the net-like substance; their spatiality is that they produce web, and these are very precious and have a great demand in the market.

The spider’s main problem is that some of them are harmful to humans because they have some poisonous substance in their mouth, and if they bite a human, they will die in five minutes. But now you are thinking how to kill two spotted spider mites organically because some spiders are harmful to the plants as they eat the leaves of the plants and lay eggs on them by which their eggs damage the fertility of the plant. If you are the one that is facing the problem of plants destroyed by spiders, then you can prevent them by these measures:

  • Addition of compost – With the addition of compost, it is having unique compound called spider destruction. It will help you get rid of spiders, as the compost is mix with the soil, and when the spiders eat the leaves, they will move to the other spiders and affect them. After three to four minutes, all the spiders that are in contact with it become deadly. All the mites will convert into natural manure, and it will provide fertility to the soil.
  • Keep ladybirds on plants – Lady Birds are the creatures that come in the category of insects. They love to eat spiders and other small insects. It will help the plants to keep their fertility, and they also don’t have any direct contact with the plants. One can purchase ladybirds to keep them on the plants from the market, it will not cost much higher, and they can add manure or compost to the plants. It will maintain the ecological balance as well as the fertility of the soil.


Spiders are beneficial and in great demand in the market due to the secretion of the web. Make sure that you will ask a right question how to kill two spotted spider mites organically, are taking the best preventive measures to remove the spiders from weed plants. Spiders have the unique property to produce millions of eggs in one month, so it’s better to take a step as soon as possible otherwise, they will destroy all your weed production.