Well it’s a new year; my Fantasy Football season is over(thank you very much Ryan Grant) and I finally finished watching every episode of Battlestar Galactica(someday Caprica-Six will have my Cylon-Human hybrid child) so Greatest Movie Deaths is Frakking back…..

If there’s one film to huddle around with the whole family and watch, it’s Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist. From genital mutilation to the onset of religious overtones, it has everything for the whole family….the Manson family. Yeah, don’t watch this one with kids. I got two words for you…BLOOD CUM(or is that one word?). But what do I know about children? A woman is involved somewhere, I think. You know what? Do whatever you want superdad.

This movie death comes in the epic opening scene. Just as Willem Dafoe is getting his groove on with his wife, their young son climbs out of his crib and climbs onto a desk by an open window. Then for some reason he just commits suicide, maybe depression I don’t know. No note, just a selfish act. But the best part comes just as the kid hits the ground in slow motion(set to Lascia ch’io pianga), the mother actually climaxes….good timing, mom of the year.

In movies about couples who lost children in tragic accidents, like 21 Gramsor Reservation Road, it’s easy to feel locked outside of the couple’s suffering. But Antichrist goes way beyond exploring grief. It uses the accident as a catalyst for the chaos that follows and dares us willing to follow the drama down a very dark path………My kind film, plus there’s a ton nudity too, so…..