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Blackjack is not considered to be a complicated game. It’s easy to start, since the basics are pretty easy to catch. So, in the game of Blackjack there are more cards having a value of 10, than any other value.

According to this information a gambler must remember that the probability of the next card to have a value of 10 is tremendously high. The main rule is to get a hand of 21 and do not exceed it. Going further, it must be clear for a player that if his card has a value of 12 he will likely lose or ‘bust’ (the next card may be a 10).

Anyway you can have higher odds of winning if apply any of counting strategies. There are guides written by professional Blackjack players where they describe different counting systems. Counting might be hard for inexperienced players since the main point of the strategy is to memorize all cards drawn from the deck. Undoubtedly, practice is the best teacher. Do spend your time and rack your brain. This way you will achieve nice results.

When you’re choosing a table to play at mind the amount of chips possessed by players and by the dealer. If players have more chips than him that means the game is likely to be favorable for you.

There is no need to say that one can never find perfect rules at any online casino, even at one of the best ones. However, a gambler must be aware of how the house rules affect players and be ready to any challenges.

Bingo Gambling Ad Pulled By The Advertising Standards Authority

Spacebar Media was trying to create a agen slot gambling advertisement that strayed away from the racy ones that have been used by other companies. It turns out even when trying to stay within the law, they broke it.

The Advertising Standards Authority on Wednesday cracked its whip and banned a national press ad for Wink Bingo. They claim that the ad was inappropriate and could not be used.

«We acknowledged that the intention of the ad was to portray a real-life situation in a humorous way, but considered that the ad nonetheless showed a health care professional ignoring a woman giving birth in order to play bingo online,» said the ASA.

The ad pictures a woman celebrating her win standing next to a trolley. In the ad she is holding surgical equipment and a laptop that had the words ‘Wink Bingo Winner’ on the screen. In the background was a woman lying in bed under a sign that read ‘Maternity Unit’.

The implication was that the woman was neglecting her duties to deliver the baby because she had won the jackpot. The catchphrase to the ad was, «Find the appropriate moment».

In order for the ad to be run anymore after today’s ruling, it will have to be reworked to fit within the ASA guidelines.

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